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Thank you all for your support and business over the last 9 years. It was a blast and I met so many lovely people.  I will still be available for past clients and a few parties here and there.If you’re looking for some great artists- use Barb Samuel of Sunny Side Up and/or Charmaine Jacquelin of Charmed Faces.  You won’t go wrong with either of these 2 talented and lovely ladies.  Thank you again for the fun years we shared.

❤️💚💛💙💜Anne DunlapMom’s Faces

Add some fun to birthday parties, liven up your look for holiday parties like Halloween, Mardi gras, Christmas,  you name it!. Add some bling to those school dances.

Carnivals? Block parties?
How about some henna or glitter tattoo parties?
How can this be done?
Simple-add some face paint/body art to your look.

Does your event need some 'make-believe'? Maybe your princess or pirate wish to be tigers and/or butterflies. Give us a try. We'll have you and your crowd smiling and glittery before you know it!

First off-- I use QUALITY face make-up and paints - hypoallergenic body paint like Wolfe Brothers, snazaroo, Diamond FX, and Paradise brands

Second; being an ED nurse-hygiene and safety are #1 and 2 on my priority list of how I conduct my face art.

#3 is that we have to have FUN!

So-thanks for checking me out.!

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